Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh, could we please just stop acting silly?


It's come to my attention that lately there have been museums cropping up everywhere that try to make it look as if the world is only 6000 years old. Apparently someone armed with the book of Genesis and a pocket calculator added up all the ages of the people mentioned and arrived at this date for the creation of life, the universe and everything.


First of all, one word people: Allegory. The writers of the bible had to keep everything succinct so that church services wouldn't last 4 months a session. Secondly, if there had been Tyrannosaurus Rexi charging around the streets of Jerusalem, I probably would have been a little reluctant to preach in market places wearing just a robe and a scanty pair of sandals. And you better bet I would have brought up The Dinosaur Problem in the Sermon on the Mount.

Science doesn't negate spirituality. It's actually quite the opposite. Science is like rummaging through God's sock drawer and discovering clues as to what color slacks he wears. (Again: Allegory. Please don't start building a religion around socks).

Having said all that, I do find the concept of the creationist museums wonderful in a Funky Art Installation kind of way. And Lourdes doesn't have all those cool rides for the kids.

Relieved to have not been a raptor-wrangler,


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