Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deliver Us from Ego


Oh please, will everyone stop hitting other people over the head with their religious beliefs?! At what point did I say, “Go forth and annoy the hell out of people”?

I never meant for my message to be that I was the only guy who knew what was going on. Last time I checked I wasn't an arrogant person. I was actually pretty selfless. OK it could be construed as arrogance that I'm saying that about myself, but you know what I mean.

Dig this: all religions basically have the right idea. And there have been lots of cool teachers. Gautama Buddha, cool guy. Muhammad, cool guy. Me, cool guy (and snappy dresser). We’ve all said some good things and I suppose we’ve all made some mistakes as well. For instance I probably should have rethought my friendship with Judas. Oh well, you live and learn. Or in my case, you get betrayed and crucified. But I digress...

Good words are good words are good words. So stop knocking everyone else's and try actually following the ones of your chosen guy (or gal). Chances are it all boils down to the same message: Be nice. Do good things.

And don’t try to classify killing people who believe differently from you under “good things”. You are not fooling anyone. Especially not me.

Sorry to burst your bubble if you were having fun thinking of your religion as better than everyone else’s, but hopefully this knowledge will make you happier.

At the very least it should make you stop trying to convert people on public transport.


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